Would you like to sponsor a child?

Education costs 65 euro every year for a child.

What can we guarantee to you?

  • The sponsored amount will go the ‘poorest’ children
  • We will introduce the sponsored child to you with information and photos
  • The sponsored amount goes straight to the school’s account and used for the sponsored child
  • You will receive feedback (photos, videos, correspondence)

Are you interested to sponsor a child? Do not hesitate to contact us! ~


 Would you like to support our project financially?

You can do this by bank transfer to the following bank account:

IBAN: BE25 7340 3374 3982


Name:  Eye for Salone

Location: 3020 Herent

Donations from Belgian citizens can be substracted partially from your tax. If you would like to read more about tax deduction for Belgian citizens, please go the Dutch version of this website.



 Thank You!